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NEW ORLEANS - The Latest on a call from former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for states to resist federal regulation of sports betting: (all times local):

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The Latest: NBA says it is entitled to cut of sports bets Back to video

The National Basketball Association says it is entitled to a cut of sports betting money because its business would suffer from a betting scandal.


NBA Senior Vice-President Dan Spillane says the league should get one-quarter of 1 per cent of the total amount bet on basketball games.


Spillane says sports betting is based on the league’s product: basketball games.

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Spillane was responding to a call by former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Friday for states to oppose a bill that would give the federal government control of regulating sports betting.


Christie told lawmakers from gambling states they should resist so-called "integrity fees" as well as the mandatory use of official league data.

Leagues have been unsuccessful so far in getting states to agree to pay them a cut of sports betting.

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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is telling states to oppose a bill that would give the federal government control over regulating sports betting.


The Republican said Friday at a conference of legislators that state have proven they can handle the job. Christie began a court battle against the major pro and college sports leagues that ended with the U.S. Supreme Court clearing the way for all 50 states to offer sports betting.

Christie also urged states to resist granting the leagues "integrity fees," which are essentially a slice of the action on sports bets. Leagues have pushed for the fees unsuccessfully so far in the states that have legalized sports gambling.

Christie also says states should refuse demands to use official league data in sports betting.

The leagues support federal regulation of sports betting in a bill that was introduced last month.

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