The two aforementioned dartboards only utilize multiples of the number 5, height of dart board the numbers 5, 10, 15, and 20. These dartboards not only come with different numbering sequences but also with different dart board measurements. For dart distance example the distance for darts throwing line for the Fives dartboards is 9 ft.

This is the line where you're supposed to stand for standard darts.  You'll want to have some way to denote this line.  If you're putting in carpet you may want something on the wall.  If you're going to stain your floors or put down tile, you might consider putting in a special design at that location so looks seem-less.

imageQ4. Can you lean over the throw line in darts?A player may lean as far over the throw line as they like, as long as they arenot standing with any part of their foot over the line. If a player’s foot extends over the line, it’s called a foul.

First off, we’ll give you a quick summary of the basic distance requirements, followed by all the variations in American, Regional English and dartboard height and distance International darts regulations. That’s right, darts is a very diverse game!

There are over 70 countries that comprise the World Darts Federation, official dartboard including a wide range of cultures and playing styles - from Asian nations like Japan, dart board size African countries such as Ethiopia and European countries like Belgium.

The distribution of your weight determines your balance. Your forward foot should always stay on the floor, and height of dartboard the behind foot has to maintain your stance. Make sure that you do not jump with the forward foot else you might lose balance.

This is the best dart board out of the three I have owned by far. It just makes a different sound than the other two, which is a minimal thump. The hole the dart makes nearly disappears upon removal. I’ll probably never buy another brand of board.

Unfortunately, some have newer designs that have been found to cause damage to the fiber in the dartboard. So, ensure your tips are sharp but smooth so that the darts don’t cause damage when they land on the dartboard or when you come to pull them out!

As you can see in the diagram, regulation dartboard height has the bull's eye at 5' 8" from the floor for both soft tip and steel tip darts. Regulation distance from the dartboard face is 7' 9-1/4" for steel tip darts and 8' for soft tip darts.

Electronic sheets have indistinguishable estimations from steel tip sheets. The dartboard’s tallness is the equivalent at 5ft 8in, dart board dimensions or 173cm from the floor to the focal point of the board.  

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