- No free-flowing liquids (sealed tubes of biohazardous liquids in small quantities are allowed)
- No carcasses (these must be disposed of within the Gray Pathological Waste Bins, see additional Animal Carcass Disposal Guidance)
- No extremely hazardous chemicals or radioactive chemicals
- No mixed waste - items contaminated with greater than 1 category of hazardous waste (biological + chemical or radioactive contamination)
- No unfastened sharps waste collection - Hypodermic needles, syringes with hooked up needles (or needleless plungers), scalpels, razor blades, and damaged glass have to be disposed of in a inflexible, plastic sharps container. Only full, correctly labeled, and sealed sharps containers can go within the Pink BIOHAZARD Waste Assortment Bins. See further Sharps Disposal Guidance.

Almost anyone can haul away your medical waste. Why not demand more? Let Clym protect your liability and our setting by assuring the secure and legal destruction of your medical waste. Clym’s comprehensive medical waste service is an affordable various to keep your group in compliance with the myriad of laws governing the dealing with, storage and disposal of medical wastes. When you’re ready for constant service excellence, complete compliance solutions and truthful, reasonable pricing and repair phrases, contact Clym!

In November 2020, the Centers for Disease Management and Prevention (CDC) celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act. A quantity of new necessities have been added over time to provide safety to healthcare staff and the public. Some technological developments embrace using engineering controls in regard to needle-less systems, enhanced OSHA recordkeeping necessities, sharps damage legal guidelines, and worker feedback and suggestions on use of safer medical devices and other applied sciences that cut back publicity to needlestick injuries.

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