One of the most underrated parts of your physical appearance is your hair. Hair is so important, it says a lot about your personality. But most people neglect their hair while focusing on their face and physique. They think that any hair style is fine, but what they don't know is that their hairstyle can have a profound effect on your appearance. Read on to find out what hair style is right for you! And if you don't know what hair style to go for, here are some tips to help you decide.

The best way to find a new hairstyle is to research salons in your area and decide what style you'd like. Ask friends and coworkers for recommendations, and check out online salon reviews before making a commitment to go to a new salon. Remember to pick a style that fits your personality and lifestyle. If you don't like the style your stylist recommends, politely decline the service and find someone else. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau or check out reviews about a salon on the Internet.

As you might expect, men's hairstyles have evolved throughout history. In the 16th century, men wore shoulder-length hair. Some fashionable men wore fringes and bangs. They were also prone to dyeing their hair. By the early 17th century, male hairstyles began to get longer. The poodle hairstyle, worn by the first blonde bombshell, was immortalized by Lucille Ball. In the 1960s, bouffants were popular, and Vidal Sassoon pioneered geometric cuts.

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