„Full Moon Day" – feature film, parable – directed by Karen Shakhnazarov in 1998.


The plot of the picture is a series of episodes from the life of different people and different eras. The viewer is immersed in a stream of strange travels in space and time.

The plot of the film is difficult to describe, because there is no single main character or a single outline of the narrative. There is no plot in the film in the usual sense of the word. The picture is filmed as a kaleidoscope of episodes in which reality is intertwined with romantic memories, and a harsh, almost naturalistic video sequence turns into a poetic journey through time and space.

End of XX century. People who are completely unfamiliar to each other play scenes from life, not suspecting that through the thickness of time their deeds, albeit a ricochet, will be reflected in other people’s lives.

In the chaos of space-time travels there was a place for the most motley characters: the „new Russians" dying in yet another showdown, and the popular DJ leading the night air; an old Uzbek, explaining to his grandson where Genghis Khan is buried, and a successful assassin; the beautiful princess Olshanskaya and the mysterious monk Taisiy; a foreign diplomat and Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, meeting a beautiful Kalmyk woman on the way to Arzrum … And they are all mysteriously connected. Each of them will leave its indelible mark on history, albeit not global, but personal, part of which will become an integral part of someone’s new chronicle. Each has its own short story …


  • Anna Germ – woman in purple
  • Andrei Panin – captain
  • Elena Koreneva – Zoya
  • Vladimir Ilyin – Rebrov
  • Valery Priemykhov – screenwriter
  • Valery Storozhik – Oleg Nikolaevich, director
  • Valery Afanasyev – Egor, businessman
  • Galina Anisimova – faith
  • Anna Sinyakina – call girl / dead princess Olshanskaya
  • Philip Yankovsky – monk
  • Nikolay Chindyaykin – Glory
  • Nadezhda Vasilieva – Borte
  • Alexey Shevchenkov – Nikolay, waiter
  • Vasily Zotov – young man in a restaurant
  • Andrey Tsygankov – killer
  • Natalia Fateeva – lineman
  • Fedor Sukhov – Valera
  • Efim Alexandrov – diplomat’s friend
  • Evgeny Stychkin – A. S. Pushkin
  • Willor Kuznetsov – old waiter
  • Andrey Lebedev – Ivanov, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Maxim Lagashkin – the guy in the yard
  • Oksana Timanovskaya – Irina
  • Elena Shevaldykina – Natasha from Vladivostok
  • Malcolm McDowell – train driver (uncredited)
  • Gennady Khrapunkov – episode
  • Dmitry Osipov – conference speaker
  • Alexander Robak – Seryoga

Film crew

  • Director: Karen Shakhnazarov
  • Screenwriters: Karen Shakhnazarov, Alexander Borodyansky
  • Operator: Gennady Karyuk
  • Composer: Anatoly Kroll
  • Artist: Lyudmila Kusakova
  • Producers: Vladimir Dostal, Galina Shadur

Awards and nominations

  • Special festival prize and special mention by the FIPRESCI jury at the XXXIII Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (Czech Republic, 1998).
  • Prize of the Presidential Council of the Festival at the 9th Kinotavr Open Russian Film Festival in Sochi (1998).
  • Prize of the Russian Academy of Cinematic Arts „Nika" for the best screenplay to A. Borodyansky and K. Shakhnazarov (1999).

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